Commendations to the staff for EXCELLENT help and assistance when our camper broke down nearby. We are extremely grateful to everyone! You saved our vacation!!! I want to particularly thank Harold and the mechanics who were super in helping us through this roadside emergency. They were persistent and innovative in solving our problem. No wonder your customer base is so strong. I am tempted to drive from Frederick, MD to get my servicing done at The Tire Shop. Thank You!!!

-R.Corbin; Leesburg, VA - August 4, 2013

You all did a fantastic job on a busy Saturday with my flat tire. We had a wedding to be at and you all took care of the problem so we could go and enjoy the wedding without worrying about the car! DOUBLE THANKS!!!

-B.Stanford; Leesburg, VA - May 23, 2013

Dear Mr, Phillips,

I patronized your shop for the first time yesterday, and found it to be a very impressive experience. I was treated with the upmost respect and everyone in your shop was extremely friendly and eager to assist in any way possible. One of your employees went out of his way to research whether or not I had to have certain repairs done to my car in order to pass inspection. In addition, when I returned to pick up my car a few hours later, I found him dealing with a female customer with a smile and a calm demeanor. It was only after I sat down and started chatting with a friendly elderly gentleman who patronizes your shop regularly that I found out that I had walked in on the end of a 37-minute excruciating dissection of this woman's bill. I was amazed to see that he continued to have a calm composure and pleasant look on his face as if he had just begun speaking with this woman. That sort of professionalism is hard to find and should be recognized when displayed. Both due to the extreme professionalism shown by your employees, as well as the rave endorsements of the honesty and integrity of your mechanics by the elderly gentleman I had the pleasure of speaking with, I will continue to patronize your shop and will encourage others to do so as well.

-J.Clark; Leesburg, VA - 2012

To my friends at The Tire Shop. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for keeping my family and me safe out on the roads. I just recently had four experiences with distracted drivers that caused me to realize that if all aspects of my care were not in top running order we would not have escaped unharmed. I am not a professional driver and I know that our Lord looks after old men like me, but I also know that a car with good brakes, lights, steering, and all the rest also helps. It is because of your great work that my car is in the condition it is. I know that it is in your best interests to keep us save so we keep coming back. I assure you that because of your quality of work we will be back. Thanks again for everything.

-Bill; Purcellville, VA - 2012

Dear Mr. Fuller, Mr. Phillips, and The Top Shop Staff,

First I would like to thank you both and your wonderful staff for all the time you have given freely to help me keep my automobiles in great running order over the past decade. You and your staff have always been willing to find the time and care for my vehicles. I couldn't find a better place to purchase tires over the years. The ones I had purchased for my Cadillac ran for over 60 thousand miles when I gave it to Good Shepherd for a family. I now have a Toyota Avalon 2013 and just last year had four new tires placed on it by your staff and it's running smooth over the highways today. I live in the Great Falls area and it's over 14 miles to your facility, but it's worth the ride because I come away very satisfied with your workmanship. I tell others about your service and they too have found a 'friend' at The Top Shop. Many comments on the friendliness and courteous manner of your staff. In addition, as the Good Shepherd Board Chair for almost a decade (now an Advisor) I want to thank you for the hours of love you have shown through your labor and supplies to put cars back on the road so that persons in our shelter would have transportation for work and other necessities of life. I know that you don't tell others of your 'good works', but you both are really 'servants to others in need' and the homeless are very appreciative of your gifts. Your funds have helped us continue to expand our 6-Steps to Self-sufficiency program with even a better return than last year. As we continue our work in 2011 to help those in crisis, we with to express our special thanks to you and your wonderful staff that have continued to support the mission of The Good Shepherd Alliance, Inc. for over a decade. Please continue to keep us in your prayers; it's so helpful for others to support us in this way too. The generosity which you have bestowed upon The Good Shepherd Alliance is a powerful message not only to the rest of the community, but to others who take life's gifts with often too much indifference. Seeing the progress of our many homeless back into the workforce is a true blessing for all. As Jesus says "when you do it to the least of these my Brethren, you have done it for me..." I know that you will continue to keep up the great work you have provided for many over the years.

-J.Trickett; Herndon, VA - April 14, 2011

Outstanding service. I recommend their services. Installer called me when the tires arrived (within 24 hours of my order). I went in the next morning (1st come 1st served as they don't take appointments). They had my vehicle done in 90 minutes. Included putting the spare back and spare cover back on for me. As well I asked to keep one of my old tires which they bagged for me and put in the back of my car. Also they are next to McDonalds so it's convenient during the wait.

-Anonymous - March 24, 2011

It is not often that a business really steps up and goes out of its way to make a customer feel valued. For the past year I have received that and more. I am one of the silent faces you walk by. My hustand is serving in the Air Force in Baghdad. the last thing I needed to deal with is the car going on the fritz. After repeated failures by another car place I switched to The Tire Shop. From the minute I walked in the door it was like they sensed I had one too many things on my plate and they could easily make my car a side dish they could take care of right away for me. Since that first visit each member of the staff has become a friendly face. From the office manager who knew what I was going through to their techs who always have jokes for me. I cannot thank them all enough for the kindness they have shown. Thank you for helping me to keep the cars running and making my life a little easier. The Tire Shop is truly a company that looks out for its customers in every way.

-K.Delille; Leesburg, VA - March 17, 2011

Mr. Phillips & Mr. Fuller,

We would like to thank you and the great personnel of The Tire Shop for your recent assistance as we worked together to help a needy family in Leesburg. This family depended on their car for work, and if you had not stepped in and helped us, they would not have been able to keep their jobs. In these very difficult economic times, it is easy for an organization to withdraw from benevolence and pull in the purse strings. But under your leadership, The Tire Shop has shown what a community service organization can and should be. You went beyond the norm, and showed great care for your fellow man. Thank you once again for your generosity. We are extremely grateful for your help.

-G.Wigfield, Sr. Pastor; Leesburg, VA - January 17, 2011